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From $0 to $2 Million In Painting Revenue Checklist:

Building Is the Key To Success

If you look at what successful painting businesses are doing, this is what you will see. They have built out their brand so that people trust them and they feel comfortable using them as their primary painting company. These painting companies who have built up their brand have put themselves in front of homeowners who are wanting their services. This means homeowners can easily find them when they are looking for their services. 

Build Out Your Painting Brand:

-Get a professional website (have a personal video or photo of you and your company, video testimonials, reviews from Google, before/after pictures, trusted organizations like BBB ratings, Google ratings, pictures of the brands of paint you are using, gallery of pictures, etc)

-Get listed on high-trusted websites (Google, BBB, Angie’s List, Homeadvisor, Thumbtack)

-Get a professional email from Gsuite

-Get a CRM that makes you look professional, are able to send out invoices through text and email (Jobber, etc.)

-Build out social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram- set up a system to where you are adding photos once a week showing your work)

-Get a system for generating reviews. The most successful companies have made getting reviews a priority. You have to make this a priority.

Build Out Your Product Management Team: (Can’t recommend Painting Business Pro enough for this. Eric Barstow is great with helping you to develop the inner workings of your painting business)

-decide if you are using subcontractors or building your painting crew. It is easier to grow faster if you using subcontractors.

-hire a product management specialist.

Build Out Your Brand Locally:

-Build out your list of referrals. Referrals by far are the best leads to have. The more quality jobs you do, the more referrals you are going to get. When you are done with a job, ask someone to write a review, post the job on a local Facebook group, and find a CRM that will allow you to send out emails to people once every three months reminding them of your services. 

-Get into the Google Maps. It is not as hard as you think. We are successfully getting people in the maps within a few months. Google maps is the place everyone is looking if they do not have someone referring a painter. Everyone looks on Google for painters near me. They go to the Google places where they see the top 3 companies. They look at the ones that have the most reviews and they give them a call. This will easily get you from anywhere between $500,000 to $1,000,000 or more in revenue depending on your area. In a weird way, it is a trust factor being in Google places because somehow the homeowner thinks that Google trusts your company to put you there.

-Google Ads- Once you get in the maps, start using the money you are generating from leads and put it back into the business. Run Google Ads both at the top of Google and within the maps. If you do this and you are ranking in the top 3 of maps, then you are showing up in front of homeowners 3x. You are reducing the space of your competitors and you are showing that you are one of the most popular painting companies in your area.

-Facebook Local Groups- Every town these days seems to have local Facebook groups. I live south of Nashville. You can join 3-4 different Facebook groups where people are asking about home services or anything to do with the town. Post 2x a month in these groups of recent work you have done. Within the course I created, I showed you how someone was posting that they have availability for upcoming jobs. This is a great place to build out your brand, but it takes consistency.

-Branch out to another location. When you are doing all of these things and you haven’t reached 2 million in sales, then you can start adding new locations. Get another Google Business Profile in an area that is close to you. Start doing the same process above in getting reviews, ranking the GMB and getting in front of people. Doing this and eventually repeating the Google Ads will eventually get you to $2 million plus in revenue.